#140 – The Magic Of The Reverse Bucket List


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Hi there & welcome back to another episode.

This week has been a bit challenging for me, for a few different reasons.

So, on top of my normal ‘things to do when I’m not feeling great’ list, which includes walking in nature, talking to a friend and journaling… I tried something different. And it was brilliant.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

I spent time creating my Reverse Bucket List – which had me feeling so much better.

As I did the exercise in the new Dream Life Bucket List Journal we just launched, I found myself basking in joy, nostalgia & gratitude as I reflected on all the amazing and significant things I’ve done & achieved in my life. Big & small. Which is what a Reverse Bucket List is all about.

Listen in to find out why, how – and how it will make you feel great too!

I hope you’ll be as excited to do the exercise as I was and if you want to check out the beautiful journal we’ve created to help you do the same, you can find more information here…


I can’t wait to hear what you think of this episode and what’s on your Reverse Bucket List – so please let me know in our Dream Life Podcast Facebook group here.

Have a wonderful week!



Dream Life Founder



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