YAPSnacks: Best of Chris Voss, World's Top Negotiation Expert | Part 2


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When we enter a negotiation of any kind, we have to consider much more than what we are saying. There are countless factors that go into a negotiation’s success, such as your body language, your tone of voice, and the way you frame information. By paying close attention to all verbal and nonverbal factors of a negotiation, you improve the likelihood of getting the outcome you want.

Chris Voss is a globally-renowned negotiation coach who founded The Black Swan Group, where he’s using his many years of experience in international crises and high-stakes negotiations to teach people and businesses how to better negotiate and refine their communication styles.

This episode of YAP Snacks follows up on Best of Chris Voss, World’s Top Negotiation Expert \ Part 1 by sharing more of Chris’s negotiation tips and tricks. It will feature topics like tactical empathy, handling accusations, and the illusion of control. Stay tuned to find out more about refining your communication style to get what you want in everyday negotiations!

Topics include:

- Tactical empathy

- The magic words, “that’s right”

- Handling accusations

- Body language tricks

- Is control an illusion?

- And other topics…

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