YAPClassic: Jack Schafer Reveals FBI Tactics For Making People Like You More


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Think about the warmest, most inviting person you know. Chances are, their kindness spans far beyond their words. The most influential people are often very intentional with their body language, facial expressions, and tone.

There are specific ways you can alter your body language, approach new people, and present information to make yourself more likable, and in this episode of YAP Classic, Dr. Jack Schafer will teach you how. Dr. Jack Schafer is a retired FBI agent who is an expert in human behavior and likability.

Hala and Jack dive into Jack’s Golden Rule of Friendship and the methods Jack uses to befriend others. They discuss how to make yourself more likable through the use of eyebrow flashing, eye gaze, open posture, and opening in the feet. They also dive into the relationship between body language and mindset and how to mitigate arguments without fueling the fire.

Topics Include:

- Jack’s career journey

-Elements of the Friendship Formula

-Jack’s Golden Rule of Friendship

- Eyebrow flashes

- Importance of eye contact

- Ways to appear more approachable

- What you learn by watching somebody’s lips

- Blink rate

- Empathic statements

- What does the position of somebody’s feet mean?

- Curiosity hook

- What does a person’s walk tell you about their personality?

- How your body language influences your mindset

- The laws of romantic attraction

- Different types of common ground

- Diffusing arguments

- The anger cycle

- Is body language universal?

- And other topics…

Dr. Jack Schafer is a professor at Western Illinois University in the Law Enforcement and Justice Administration Department. He formerly served as a Special Agent for the FBI as a behavioral analyst for the FBI’s National Security Behavioral Analysis Program. He has authored six books and has published numerous articles in notable professional and popular journals. He is also a contributing writer for Psychology Today Magazine.

Resources Mentioned:

Jack’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Jack+Schafer&i=audible&ref=dp_byline_sr_audible_1

Jack’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackschafer/

Jack’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackschafer?lang=en

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