Worries & Strong Determination


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Panic! Gerad from Slangsmith Radio didn't call in with his meditation check in this morning! I was worried that something went horribly wrong... but he was fine ? it's always good to recognize the habit patterns of the mind like this. I called in to him to make sure he was okay, and he offered for me to check in with him about my meditation. Of course I took him up on it! Check out his station to hear more of our conversation. I discuss the term Adhittana, which means strong determination in meditation; probably the part of my practice that needs the most work! There was an incident online recently involving disrespecting a person who had committed suicide so I thought it was necessary to discuss the nature of the personal issues and suicidality that I've experienced that Vipassana Meditation specifically has helped me through. I took part in a Touch Talk with Kevin Touch as well so please check out his station to hear that conversation! Thank you for listening and engaging ???

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