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4 Yoga Poses for Beginners I learned recently from one of my students that if physical therapy clients were given 5 or more exercises by their physical therapists there is no chance they will do them. However if physical therapists give their clients 4 exercises, not only will they do them, but they are much more likely to do them multiple times a day. This sparked an idea in me to prepare classes that were only 4 poses in length and see what they did not only in my motivation to prepare them as a teacher (it went through the roof by the way) and also your motivation to practice them as my students. I’m looking forward to seeing the results. Here are 4 yoga poses for beginners that will motivate anybody to begin yoga or start again. These poses will release back pain, help you with your balance, help you with your flexibility and strength. More importantly I hope it is an easy class to start yoga any day or any time! 4 Yoga Poses for Beginners Hatha Yoga Sequence: Knees to Chest Pose Cat Pose Tree Pose Wide Legged Standing Forward Fold

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