Academy Myths - Exposing and exploring common myths


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Education partners Chris Billington and Tim Wrigley discuss some of the common myths and rumours about academies and the current position of the Government's policy that all schools should become academies covering both DfE and academy-sceptic perspectives. Myths and topics covered: • All schools must convert or has there been a policy U-turn? • Academisation is effectively privatisation of maintained schools. • There will be no longer a role for Local Authorities in education. • Academy schools are spending money on business and financial expertise not education. • Is there a tipping point after which it is unviable for Local Authorities to retain control of schools? What impact does this have on the programme as a whole? • How is the programme effecting the role and centralised services provided by Local Authorities? • The costs for schools to convert is very high. • Do Schools have to abandon their identity and values when they join a multi-academy trust? For more information, please telephone Chris Billington or Tim Wrigley on 0113 244 6100, visit or follow the Education team on Twitter:

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