E67: The Grunwick strike, part 1


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Double podcast episode about the iconic strike of mostly East African Asian women workers at the Grunwick photo processing plant in London in 1976-8. Featuring Amrit Wilson, Jayaben Desai and Colum Maloney, who took part in the dispute, and Sujata, chair of the Grunwick 40 group.

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This is an improved, extended and partially re-recorded version of our first ever podcast episode. We have added more audio clips from other participants in the dispute and added narrative for additional detail, context and to tell the story in a more cohesive manner. Whether you listened to the original episode or not, we hope you enjoy it

This first part covers the background to the dispute, how the strike began and developed.

Full show notes and acknowledgements, as well as a transcript, on the webpage for this episode: https://workingclasshistory.com/podcast/grunwick-strike-1976/

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