WMDP Eps 0 - Ken Shamrock and Des Start a Podcast


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UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock, and his business partner, Des W Woodruff debut the World's Most Dangerous Podcast. If you love MMA/WWE and you like shows like the TV show Shark Tank, this podcast is a must-watch! In this episode, Ken goes off on how the media is handling Ezekiel Elliott. Ken also talks on PEDs. Des introduces the "Lion's Cage" and they analyze a new business for you to learn from. What makes this podcast different from all the others is that it's hosted by a UFC four-time heavyweight champion who fought in UFC 1 and also wrestled in the WWF. Ken pulls back the curtains and shares things that you have never heard before. The behind the scenes stories that you will hear will cause your eyes to pop and jaw hit the ground. Another thing that makes this podcast different is that it is also about business and startups. Ken and Des speak about their business dealings and also offer a mean for listeners to pitch them on their business idea like on Shark Tank through their segment called "Lion's Cage."

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