WMDP Ep 3 - Money Is Everywhere; Never Give Up 10-17-17


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The “World’s Most Dangerous Podcast,” hosted by UFC Hall of Famer and 4-time Heavyweight World Champion, Ken Shamrock, and his savvy business partner, and entrepreneur, Des W Woodruff release their new podcast, episode #3. In this podcast, golden nuggets of truth are shared by Ken who speaks on what it takes to be and live like a champion. Des talks on making money and not allowing failures to get the best of you. In the Shark-Tank like segment called “Lion’s Cage,” Des and Ken talk about how to properly submit a pitch to them before it’s aired on the podcast. During ‘Story Time with Ken,’ Ken tells a story about a late-night squatter fight before his rise to fame. The World’s Most Dangerous podcast is where MMA and pro wrestling meets business. A podcast where combat sports and entrepreneurial opportunities collide. It’s a dangerous podcast with projected discussion on many socially unacceptable topics, such as religion, sex, politics, and almost anything taboo.

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