Wisdom for Wellbeing (Modern Psychology and Yoga-Based Skills)


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A weekly podcast designed for you to cultivate wellness and unlock your highest potential! Join me and wellbeing thought leaders for #wellbeingwednesday as we bring heartfelt wisdom and the ultimate science-based strategies straight out of the therapy room, off the yoga mat and into your earbuds. *Tune In To Hear* Digestible science, mini coaching sessions, and expert interviews with the brightest minds and biggest hearts guiding you on your path to your best self. Join me and special guests weekly as we discuss the artform of living well, so that you can master your mindset, find your purpose and thrive in your personal and professional life! *Who should listen?* All are welcome! If you’re burnt out, anxious, ADHD, feeling low, or simply looking for some self-development inspo, you’ll find a wide-range of tools here.

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