Episode 752 - Sensei Arthur Gulley Jr.


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Sensei Arthur Gulley Jr. is a Martial Arts practitioner and instructor, podcaster, and author from Michigan.

One of the things I really stress when I do my videos is that, it’s not about which style is better, it’s not about which discipline is better… It’s about how you understand the principles of that discipline.

Sensei Arthur Gulley Jr. - Episode 752

When his bullies realized what they had done was wrong, they taught him some moves on how to defend himself. Sensei Arthur Gulley Jr. had an interesting way to get introduced to Martial Arts. First, it was his bullies, and then his cousins. Because of financial restraints, Sensei Arthur Gulley Jr. was not able to train until he was older but the fire kept growing. Presently, he is a 4th Dan in Isshinryu under Grandmaster Willie Adams.

Sensei Arthur Gulley Jr. is married, and have three sons. He is also a musician and an author with works on all Platforms and books on kindle.

In this episode, Sensei Arthur Gulley Jr. shares his journey to the martial arts from a kid who wants to learn how to defend himself into the passionate Martial Artist that he is today. Listen to learn more!

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