Where The Light Meets 6 - Spiritual Teachers


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In this episode, we talk about spiritual teachers: Who are they? How are they recognized? Can they be anyone? Is Jesus your teacher? Is the Buddha your teacher? We discuss our experience with teachers and who we consider teachers, the difference between students and disciples, and the difference between Christian teachers and Buddhist teachers. We talk about this and a lot more, including the importance of an open awareness of noticing the teachings all around you, without making a "mini-God" out of your teacher. And maybe the "perfect teacher" is our own humanness.

And in our practice section, Levi asks us "What teacher did you see today?

Quotes shared in this episode: "Rev Akegarasu is always whispering in my ear, 'There is nothing to worry about. You had better do whatever you want to do.' This is the Buddha-Dharma that I heard from him." ~Shuichi Maida, from Heard by Me

"Our Lord desires that our spirit be truly turned to gaze upon him and upon all his glorious creation, for it is exceedingly good. And his judgments are sweet and comforting and bring our spirit to rest. Thus, we turn from scrutinizing our own blind actions toward the delightfulness of God. For we consider some actions good and others wrong, but God does not look upon them so." ~Julian of Norwich, from Revelations of Divine Love

"To me, your bright face is so majestic and independent. This awesome nobility is beyond limitation. There is nothing to equal such brightness!

Even the brightness of sun and moon and mani jewels seems like black ink compared to your brightness.

Buddha's appearance transcends the world; there's no comparison. The whole universe vibrates with the great sound of your enlightenment.

Your awesome virtues—deep meditation, wisdom, precepts, listening power and strength of endeavor—are so superior and rare, beyond comparison....

~Translation by the Venerable Gyomay M. Kubose, from Tan Butsu Ge

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