Parenting our Highly Emotional Children


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Welcome back to the kitchen table! This week Bethany is sharing some things God has taught her about how to parent highly emotional children and how to walk by their side as they begin to understand who God is and how he made them.

Highly emotional children are often quick to get angry and quick to get sad, their emotions take big swings. Bethany shares the word picture that has helped her speak with grace to help her children see the long-term vision and connect them to God’s purpose of creating them.

Bethany talks about our emotional cups and the impact it has on others while giving advice on how to have conversations with your children on a long-term vision as they begin to walk with Jesus and seek him out as they begin to understand their purpose.

As featured in today’s episode here is a guide that will help you understand how to communicate with your highly emotional child

You can also find Bethany on Facebook and Instagram @bethanykimsey to share what your favorite stage with your child is and some great moments you had with them then!

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