30. Lies of Motherhood- Balance


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Welcome back to the kitchen table. This week Bethany is starting a new series called Lies of Motherhood. She begins the conversation that will dive into fighting the battle of our minds and the lies we face in our culture. Throughout the upcoming weeks Bethany will dive into the truth that shatters those lies and help you create a foundation where you can be confident, assured, and you can speak the truth.

In this series you will hear both painful and funny stories from other moms that will help us all understand we are not alone. Bethany will cover 7 lies in the upcoming weeks accompanied with a table talk with other mamas.

Bethany starts the conversation on why this is important and it's centered in Matthew 7. Join Bethany as she walks with you to become women who will find our concept of who you are, and become anchored in the word of God. Maybe you find yourself struggling with balance, or struggling with control, or feeling that you are going to royally mess your children up. Whatever lie you may feel bombarded with, remember you are not alone. God is walking by your side as you build a foundation to help you become anchored in his word. Bethany introduces the word picture of the truth to help you combat lies and will help you spend less time facing the lies but more time in the truth.

In today’s episode Bethany shares a new feature on her website that allows you to record a share/question/ask to send to her. Head to https://bethanykimsey.com to send her anything you would like for her to share and answer. You can also subscribe to Bethany’s newsletter for encouragement, free resources, new content and more.

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