28. Walking with your fearful child


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Welcome back to the kitchen table! This week Bethany is sharing some things God has been teaching her lately about how to deal with fear in our kids.

Our first instinct as a parent is to want to make that fear go away. We want to talk it out and rationalize it with our child. But, what if we approach this with a more Kingdom focused perspective. What if instead of rationalizing it away, we help our child understand why they have fear and how to lean on God through that.

We can use something even like a child’s fear to equip them in their faith. Sometimes this takes a mindset shift.

Bethany shares the 3 P’s of mindset shift that God has been showing her lately.

  • Presence
  • Patience

  1. Point to the truth.

These three P’s work together to show us how to approach a child who is fearful and how to help them find Power in God to overcome it.

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You can also find Bethany on Facebook and Instagram @bethanykimsey to share what your favorite stage with your child is and some great moments you had with them then!

As featured in today’s episode, here is a guide to help your children in overcoming fear! https://view.flodesk.com/pages/60b05b46a8938515bb296527

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