27. Answering your questions about the ages and stages


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Do you ever feel totally alone as you walk through all the different ages and stages with your kids? Today, Bethany is sharing some questions she has gotten from other mamas to remind us all that other moms face the same things you do. And the good news is, none of us are alone in it!

Jesus is walking along with you. You are on a journey with your kids and he is walking right alongside you.

You do not have to be perfect! You don’t have to have the right answer for everything, you don’t have to know the perfect way to communicate with each child, that perfection is reserved for Christ alone.

Don’t forget to head over to https://bethanykimsey.com to grab your copy of the free prayer guide along with other resources, such as conversation starters to begin introducing the gospel into your conversations. Head to this link to grab your copy of the ages and stages guide to learn what we should be talking about in each stage with our children!


You can also find Bethany on Facebook and Instagram @bethanykimsey to share what your favorite stage with your child is and some great moments you had with them then!

As featured in the episode, here is Bethany's recommendations on best books and shows for your family!

Family Devotional books:

Sally Lloyd Jones - Jesus Storybook Bible.

Starr Meade - Mighty Works of God, Wondrous Works of God

Play -n- pray Bible book

Picture Books:

Max Lucado - You are Special, You Are Mine, If Only I had a Green Nose

RC Sproul - The Lightlings, The Priest with Dirty Clothes, The Knight’s Map

Francis Chan - Halfway Herbert, Ronnie Wilson’s Gift

Trillin Newbell - God’s Very Good Idea

The Garden, the Curtain and The Cross - Carl laferton

TV series:

What’s in the Bible Series by Phil Vischer

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