26. Table Talks with Troy: Gospel Conversations with your Young Adults


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Welcome back to the kitchen table! This week Troy is joining Bethany again to talk about the young adult years, and how to have those gospel conversations at this stage.

This is the stage full of life decisions; they may be going to college, getting married, and making decisions on what they want life to look like. Bethany shares what a sweet time this can be as the transition from being just a parent goes into being a friend and mentor for that child. All the while, helping guide them into God’s true will for their life, following Him.

Because the truth is, at this age they have to be reminded of who God says they are and what would be wise decisions in His eyes for their life.

Don’t forget to head over to https://bethanykimsey.com to grab your copy of the free prayer guide along with other resources, such as conversation starters to begin introducing the gospel into your conversations. Head to this link to grab your copy of the ages and stages guide to learn what we should be talking about in each stage with our children!


You can also find Bethany on Facebook and Instagram @bethanykimsey to share what your favorite stage with your child is and some great moments you had with them then!

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