38. Lies of Motherhood: The Lie of Falling Behind/Missing Out


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Welcome back to the kitchen table. This week Bethany dives into the lie of missing out or the feeling that you are falling behind. In this episode, she talks about how the enemy preys on our minds, causing us to compare ourselves and long for something different in life.

Whether you stay home with your children, home-school, or work full time, this lie often makes you feel you aren’t measuring up and begins to cause us to feel discontent with our current season of life. Bethany shares how she ties herself to the gospel, creating a sturdy foundation. This foundation has equipped her to focus on God and to combat the enemy and his lies.

The gospel reminds us to hold steady and to set our minds on the things above. It doesn’t mean you won’t have feelings of envy or inadequacy. But understanding the gospel helps us surrender to God, and with that, we can repent and be content in our holy calling.

Colossians 3:1-4, are the pivotal verses that are the foundation for Bethany’s walk with Jesus. Bethany’s ability to root herself in these verses has aided in shifting to set her mind on the things above.

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Bethany has created journal pages to help you identify the lies you’re hearing and change your thinking. You can grab them right here.

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