Reload: Who's on Your Team? with Adam Grant


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This week we reminisce over our insightful conversation with Adam Grant on our reload episode of the What's Next! Podcast.  Adam is the leading expert on finding motivation, meaning, living more generous and creative lives. He's been recognized as one of the world's 10 Most Influential Management Thinkers and Fortune's 40 under 40. He's a #1 New York Times bestselling author and has written five books: Think Again, Give and Take, Originals, Option B, and Power Moves.  Adam now hosts WorkLife, a TED original podcast after his TED talk got more than 12 million views.

THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… team members and team builders.

TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… Adam’s research shows that interpersonal interactions can make a difference in our success. 

At various points of our day humans operate in three realms: (1) a giver, or people who ask what can I do for you?, (2) a taker, someone who asks what can you do for me?, and (3) matchers, who follow the law of reciprocity.  Yes, there are grey areas, but people usually fit in one of these categories.

One would think that placing a group of givers on a team would guarantee a culture of givers, but that’s not the case.  Yet, when you have a team of takers, more harm is done that good.  Adam believes it’s more important to screen out takers, leaving a good mix of givers and matchers.

Forming teams is more than finding similarities or matching “culture fit.”  Forming teams is an important skill that finds differences, diversity of thought, and identifies the holes in current teams.

WHAT I LOVE MOST… Adam’s work around being better teammates and better individuals in our home and work life is inspiring.  He forces us to think if we are a giver, a taker, or a matcher.  How are we adjusting each day to bring out best selves to our day?  This is an important question to ponder and to try to implement in your life.

Running time: 26:31

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