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This week’s episode is very special :) If you tuned into the first hour of my live stream last week, you know that I played all unreleased music from my label, Where The Heart Is... and now, I’m happy to share that live recording with you! All of these beautiful songs will come out on the label within the next couple months, four of which you’ll hear on next week’s release, Where The Hearts Are Vol. 14... pre-order here: http://lnk.to/WTHI056 Playing tonight at Commonwealth in Vegas and then next weekend in Denver, Tulum, and Tampa Bay... hit the tour dates link below for more info and all of the rest of my fall tour dates! oh and ps... this episode is 256kbps for the rippers ;) Tour Dates: https://www.bandsintown.com/davidhohme Become a Hohmie: http://bit.ly/DavidHohmeNews Download from iTunes: http://bit.ly/WHRiTunes Subscribe on Twitch: twitch.tv/davidhohme Listen to my Original Music: http://spoti.fi/2CNpjjj Follow me on IG: http://instagram.com/davidhohme Like & Subscribe: https://bit.ly/WHR079 TRACKLIST at SOUNDCLOUD.COM/HOHME & YOUTUBE.COM/WHERETHEHEARTIS ART BY IMA PICO

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