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This is Web Hack Wednesday, a show about building for the web. Every Wednesday, Martin Beeby and Martin Kearn, - Microsoft Technical Evangelists - will spend 30 minutes chatting and hacking on what's on what's new and interesting in the web world. So roll your sleeves up, crank open your laptops, explore some new techniques and write some code. Each show will explore something new in HTML, JavaScript, Cloud or server Side anything goes as long as it's about webdevelopment and is focused on learning, simplicity and agility. Shows are posted here every Wednesday To join in the conversation and receive hands-on support and guidance from UK Tech Evangelists, use #WebHackWednesday on Twitter. Now transitioning to a new YouTube channel. All new content will go on YouTube exclusively: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxfB8nhgGYilj21J9bO_x6Q

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