2024 Mini Cooper EV: The new MINI 3-door on snow and ice.


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The fifth model generation also kicks off with the MINI 3-door. The new edition of the original is now undergoing its driving dynamics tests in the winter landscapes of Lapland.

The new MINI family is doing its warm-up laps - and that works best on ice and snow in the bitter cold of the Arctic Circle. The new MINI is currently undergoing its driving dynamics tests at the BMW Group's winter test centre in Arjeplog, Sweden. The new edition of the MINI is fully electric and is now completing a major chapter in its series development process with the winter testing in Sweden. The electric drivetrain, high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology of the prototypes are already demonstrating their high degree of maturity at extreme temperatures below freezing. Snow-covered roads and specially prepared areas on frozen lakes also serve as ideal test tracks on which the characteristics of the drive, steering and chassis can be very sensitively tested, refined and harmonised with each other.

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