The Joy of Getting Offline with Chris Colin


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Chris Colin is a writer and author whose work has appeared in Best American Science & Nature Writing, the New York Times Magazine, Pop-Up Magazine, Wired,, and Outside Magazine. In 2014, he co-wrote a book called What to Talk About, and in 2020, he started publishing Six Feet of Separation, the nation’s first pandemic newspaper by and for kids. Chris just published a new book, Off: The Day the Internet Died: A Bedtime Fantasy. It’s a kid’s book for adults -- beautifully illustrated, quirky, fantastical -- and it makes readers wonder: how would we all survive and deal with ourselves without the internet?

In this episode, we talk about the joy of writing a kid’s book for adults, how joyful it is to go offline, how you can do it without going cold turkey, and the benefits of an analog world. Just like Chris’s book, this episode is short and sweet. Enjoy!


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Off: The Day the Internet Died: A Bedtime Fantasy -

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