How to Get Out of Your Own Head with Meredith Arthur


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Meredith Arthur worked for three startups in one year before getting diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. The San Francisco-based writer and video producer, who worked at places like Chowhound, Food Network and now Pinterest, was an early pioneer of "getting people to talk about mental health in a normal way.” She created the website Beautiful Voyager in 2015 for overthinkers, perfectionists, and people pleasers, and also edited Invisible Illness, the largest mental health publication on Medium. Most recently, she wrote the beautifully illustrated book, How to Get Out Of Your Own Head: Inspiration for Overthinkers in an Anxious World. On the show, Shelby and Meredith discuss tactics for getting out of your own head, with things like color, protecting your head, opting out, naming your inner critic, play, journaling, juggling, and so much more.

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