How the Embrace the Suck with Brent Gleeson


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2020 has been a year with some serious suck -- which is why today’s guest, Brent Gleeson, a retired Navy SEAL combat veteran turned accomplished entrepreneur, author, and acclaimed speaker, is the perfect person to talk about embracing sucky moments. Brent Gleeson has suffered some serious suck through his Navy SEAL training and startup business days. He recently wrote a book, Embrace the Suck, about his principles of why going through hard times and difficult challenges makes us stronger, more resilient beings. Brent is a San Diego local. In this episode, we talk about how to embrace the suck through our work, our relationships, our adventures, and just everyday living in 2020. We also talk about his approach to getting over fear, setting goals, why values matter, why dealing with trauma is so important, altruism and what it does for our brains, and how to use humor, even in the suckiest of situations.


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