Depresh Mode: Comedy and Mental Health with John Moe


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Today’s guest, John Moe, is the host and creator of the podcast Depresh Mode. Before that, he hosted the award-winning hit podcast The Hilarious World of Depression, and he recently wrote and published a book by the same name. John has written for publications like The New York Times Magazine, McSweeney's, and The Seattle Times among others. He’s written plays that have been performed on three continents, and his radio work has appeared on a variety of national networks.

John is no stranger to something I’ve wanted to explore all along with Vitamin Joy -- mental health and humor. On his podcast Depresh Mode, John interviews comedians, musicians, and creatives about mental health – with no stigma, no shame, lots of laughs. He’s also candid about his own experience with depression.

In this episode, we talk about comedy, mental health, what works and doesn’t, his podcast, having dogs, and so much more. John was a joy to interview and left me with a lot of hope. Enjoy!


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Resources From the Episode:

John’s Book: The Hilarious World of Depression -

Jon Kabat Zinn on mindfulness based stress reduction

Connect with John:


Podcast: Depresh Mode

Twitter: @johnmoe

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