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This week on the podcast I take a stroll through the labyrinth with Thomas Mizer. Tom is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared on stages and screens, of various sizes and shapes, around the world. As a songwriter, he co-wrote five original songs for the hit Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — the first time the series has ever used original music — including the Emmy-nominated “One Less Angel.” As a lyricist and librettist, he was awarded the Fred Ebb Award, one of the highest honors for excellence in theater songwriting, and was the recipient of a Jonathan Larson Grant from the American Theatre Wing — both for his musical theater collaborations with his writing partner Curtis Moore. Their credits together include commissions from Lincoln Center and the Williamstown Theater Festival as well as up-coming musicals for Universal Theatrical Group and Grove/Whitman Commissions (producers of Fun Home & The Band’s Visit). Mizer and Moore’s romantic mystery Triangle premiered at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley to rave reviews and went on to receive six Theatre Bay Area Awards including “Outstanding World Premiere Musical” as well as being named a Richard Rodgers Award Finalist by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In addition to his songwriting, Tom is an acclaimed copywriter for national media brands including Comedy Central, Amazon Studios, and Food Network. Links: Thomas Mizer: Application to work with me: Follow me on Instagram: LinkedIn: Music: iScream by Brendan Caldwell

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