Shatter & Surrender: an interview with David Razowsky


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We are in the midst of a global shattering, and improv director/teacher/actor David Razowsky is here to help us through it.

You may recall a few episodes ago when I was talking with Kim Farris-Luke about the global grieving process that I mentioned feeling the feelings we're feeling the moment we feel the feelings. That was channeled directly from David.

From his time on stage at The Second City in Chicago with the likes of Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert to his time as artistic director of The Second City Hollywood, David has developed an improv style of elegant simplicity, where the only thing you need is the person on stage with you.

In this week's podcast, we talk about getting comfortable with the unknown, how much of the big picture we (as mission-driven leaders) are actually responsible for, and how to reconnect with the things that make us who we are (among many other helpful topics). We also dive into personal growth and acceptance, the difference between having an emotion and being the emotion, and how to ground yourself when you feel un-tethered.

David offers rich insight into how to BE right now in the middle of a pandemic, which will help you become the leader that your team and your business needs.

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