Kimra Luna Slows US The Eff Down In The Name Of Pleasure


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This week on the podcast I get to walk the labyrinth with Kimra Luna. Kimra is a cosmic sensuality coach and pleasure activist. She is the founder of the Cosmic Connection Coven community on Discord and is the host of the Riot Doll podcast. Her podcast and Twitch channel cover topics on self-healing, sex, love, relationships, music, sensuality, self-love, psychology and activism. Her program, Slowing The Eff Down, helps you discover your deepest desires, connect with your personal pleasure and shed the shame so you can channel your inner creatrix and live the life you deserve. Kimra has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and The New York Times and been interviewed on over 100 podcasts. She is a single mom to 3 boys and spends her free time going to punk shows and making vegan food for her family and friends.You can find her work at Links: Application to work with me: Follow me on Instagram: LinkedIn: Music: iScream by Brendan Caldwell

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