Dewey Davenport: Interview with a Barnstormer


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Welcome to The Labyrinth, a podcast produced by Virtual Executive Director. This week on the podcast I got to talk with Dewey Davenport. Dewey is an entrepreneur and a barnstorming pilot. Dewey caught my attention recently when he posted a series of YouTube videos about his experience having COVID-19. After a little light cyberstalking I noticed he had undergone an even bigger health transformation, so I wanted to talk with him about it. Plus, how many times in your life to get to interview a barnstormer? Dewey Davenport is the owner and operator of Goodfolk & O'Tymes Biplane rides. He grew up in the Dayton, Ohio area, birthplace of aviation, and developed a passion for flying as a young kid. His love for model aircraft gave way to real planes when he was in high school, and he has since logged more than 10,000 hours flying a variety of aircraft all over the world. Links: Dewey Davenport Instagram: Goodfolk & O'Tymes Instagram: Website: YouTube: Application to work with me: Follow me on Instagram: Music: Reach The Top by Shane Ivers -

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