Carmen Aiello-Tejeda: Relentless Casting Director


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In this episode, I got to catch up with my friend, Carmen Aiello-Tejeda. Carmen is a Los Angeles producer and casting director who does not believe in auditioning actors. His projects have included Corbin Nash, Espionage Tonight, and the upcoming Netflix series, Guardians of Justice. Guardians of Justice includes the first ever Inclusivity Advocate credited on a series.

We met up at an outdoor cafe in North Hollywood called Groundwork, where we chatted about what we’re willing to sacrifice to be able to do work we believe in, the artist’s role in society, Carmen’s use of white privilege to deal with a moment of systemic racism, and much more.

Carmen said that rather than promote any of his own work, he would love for people to think about a small donation to advocate for other people’s freedom at

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