Gill Hannah - Show the World | 27/11/2022


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Jesus had a purpose in His everyday, moment by moment life here on earth. His meetings with people, the things He taught, the people He healed, the interactions and responses; they all had a great purpose, all of His life was to ultimately show us the Father. Everything Jesus did and everything He said, was to show us the Father’s heart. Everything we see in Jesus reveals the Father to us; just before He leaves His disciples for the last time, He effectively says to them: “My job is now your job.” He commissioned them. How do we reveal the Father heart of God to the world? How can we take this message - how do we take the Father to the world? How do we play our part in this great global mission? Smile! Sacrifice Settle it… We have been chosen by God. You have been chosen by God…. Its settled. There’s a God in Heaven who loves you so much, and so relentlessly and extravagantly, that He sent His Son to earth, to reconcile us to Himself. That…. THAT is the Father heart of God. He held nothing back from us. He gave everything He had, so we could be free. Settle it. We all have a part to play! We can all bring our smile, we can all bring our sacrificial living and we can all bring our understanding/our settling, that the love of God exists for all and there are no exceptions.

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