Tech, Federalism, Procurement, & Starlink with Katherine Boyle, a16z


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Katherine Boyle (@KTmBoyle), GP at a16z, joins Anne Dwane (@adwane) and Lucas Bagno (@lucasbagnocv) on this episode to discuss:
- What needs to change inside the federal government for more contracts to go to startups.
- How startups should think about working with state and local governments.
- How trust has declined in public institutions over the last several decades and how companies can credibly step into that void by building in public and telling their own story.
- How Starlink will change where people live and how they live their offline life.
- Why, if people are laughing at you, you’re probably taking yourself seriously enough.
- What tech misunderstands about government and vice versa, including how Silicon Valley came to have a positive sum mindset and Washington ended up with a zero sum mindset.
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