Antonio Garcia-Martinez on Why Ads are an Inevitable Part of Web 3


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Antonio Garcia-Martinez (@antoniogm), author of The Pull Request, joins Erik Torenberg and Ian Cinnamon on this episode. Takeaways:
- The first version of ads on the web, banner ads, looked like ads in the newspaper, because often the new version of media looks like the last version of media — that’s skeuomorphism.
- Apple’s app tracking transparency is breaking the model for Facebook and Snap.
- Antonio says there won’t be a media ecosystem in Web 3 without attribution.
- The advent of balanced and nuanced journalism decades ago was a luxury born of ads.
- We will likely live in a Web 2.5 world for a while where incumbents won’t lose their fiefdoms but there will be new experiences and new spaces to conquer.
- Web 3 is both private and public — Visa doesn’t post all your transactions the way on-chain payments reveal them.
- The average user trades privacy for other things and as the scale of Web 3 grows, privacy will likely become less of a focus.
Antonio’s posts on ads and Web 3:
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