Martin Gurri on Authority’s Reaction to The Revolt of the Public


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Martin Gurri (@mgurri), author of The Revolt of the Public, joins Lucas Bagno and Ian Cinnamon to discuss:
- The genesis of the thesis about the revolt of the public while Martin was working at the CIA analyzing communications as social media and blogging began to take off.
- The challenges to authority that the free flow of information has presented and why those societies that allow for open communication have been winning.
- The internet’s reactionary moment and whether there will be a “revolt of the revolt.”
- Why he says that China is “the 20th century gone digital” and why he thinks that will not last.
- His belief that democracy will survive and why he thinks that the “psychotic conditions” in American society will not last.
- Why elites need to have humility about their ability to solve problems in society.
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