Lessons From Top Execs: Anne Dwane (co-founder Village Global, ex-CBO at Chegg)


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Anne Dwane is co-founder and partner at Village Global. She was previously CEO at Zinch, a network connecting students with colleges and scholarships. Zinch was acquired by Chegg, where she served as Chief Business Officer, before and after the IPO. Previously, Anne co-founded Military.com, a social and professional network for service members and veterans that was acquired by Monster.
In this episode, they discussed how to do annual planning, how to figure out comp, why the role of a CBO is an allocative role, and much more.
Execs is a show for founders, operators, and pioneers who want to understand the playbooks, frameworks, and tactics that leading tech companies today have used to scale.
Hosted by: @eriktorenberg
Guest: @adwane
Produced by: @jacksonsteger

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