Joshua Steinman on Unrestricted Warfare


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Joshua Steinman (@JoshuaSteinman), founder and CEO of Galvanick, joins Lucas Bagno and Ian Cinnamon to discuss:
- The history of cybersecurity at big industrial companies and how he is building “Splunk for industrial systems” to solve that problem.
- His time at the National Security Council, what motivated him to work in government, and his work creating an “embassy in Silicon Valley.”
- Why, with internet-connected devices, we’ve traded predictable downtime for unpredictable downtime. He gives the example of a Cadbury plant that was completely shut down by malware.
- The different types of cyber attacks, the evolution of war over time, and how to “defend forward” by disabling malware before it shows up on systems.
- The concept of “unrestricted warfare” and the fact that the Chinese government thinks about war as a continuous process across many dimensions while the US typically thinks of war on only one dimension.
- Information operations and how they have affected public opinion in the US on various topics.
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