The Yugas and the Importance of Understanding Them Correctly


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We learned recently on the podcast that knowledge is structured in consciousness. From this we can deduce that our understanding of Veda is dependent on our level of consciousness. It’s not just our intellectual understanding though, it’s also our ability to ‘perceive’ Veda.

One example of this is the perception of ‘Yugas,’ epochs or periods of time that are referenced frequently in the various Vedic texts.

When taken at face value, these Yugas appear to be linear periods, happening in a particular sequence, but, as Thom explains in this episode, there is more to the Yugas than meets the eye…

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[00:00:56] What are the Yugas?

[00:03:21] Veda Cannot Be Deeply Understood by English Alone.

[00:05:33] Four Major Divisions of Veda

[00:07:52] Ritambhara Pragya

[00:09:44] Awakening the Sequential Elaboration of Sound

[00:12:30] Chronology of the Yugas

[00:14:17] Divisions and Subdivisions of Veda

[00:16:39] Veda of the Treta Yuga

[00:17:54] Dwapara Yuga - Home of the Great Epics of India

[00:20:08] The Yuga Cycle

[00:22:14] The Vedic Idea of Time

[00:23:53] The Linear Approach to Understanding the Yugas

[00:26:02] Satya Yuga — The Age of Truth

[00:27:47] Ayurveda - Self Healthcare

[00:29:03] Gandharva Veda - The Sound Dynamic

[00:30:48] Dhanur Veda - The Supreme Arts of Governance

[00:31:56] Sthapatya Veda - Science of Architecture

[00:34:17] The Treta Yuga Layer of Human Consciousness

[00:35:32] The Dwapara Yuga Layer of Human Consciousness

[00:36:15] The Fall From the Status Quo

[00:38:05] The Saw-toothed Evolutionary Process

[00:39:00] Understanding the Pattern

[00:40:16] Trapped in Kali Yuga

[00:41:07] The World of Constant Change

[00:41:46] Escaping Kali Yuga Through Vedic Meditation

[00:43:50] The Purpose of Vedic Meditation

[00:45:00] More Than a Bunch of Fairy Tales

[00:46:02] Exploring the Veda - Course Available Worldwide

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