Parental Stress - From the Womb to the Grave


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Few would doubt that being a parent can be stressful, but being the child of a parent has its own set of demands and challenges.

The common thread through this, another ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode of The Vedic Worldview, is the theme of parental stress, both from the parent’s perspective and also from the child’s.

Thom explores the impact the stress of a mother has on a child in the womb, and shows us how to keep inherited stresses in perspective.

He helps us navigate the age-old question of how to cope with rebellious teenagers, reminding us that rebellion isn’t always as bad as it may seem, and that inspiration is the greatest tool a parent has available to them.

And he shares some comforting wisdom on how to cope with the most difficult stress a parent could ever face, the death of a child.

Episode Highlights:

[00:45] Q- Is Fear Passed on to the Child While in the Womb?

[01:06] A - Awareness of Progressive Change

[03:45] Babies Have Qualities of the Biochemistry of Their Mother

[06:19] Mother Divine - Qualities Passed by Every Mother to Every Baby

[07:51] Elephants Walk; Dogs Bark

[09:15] Inherited Ability

[10:40] Rediscover the Elephantine Grace

[12:26] Mother is at Home

[14:05] Nothing Can Overshadow Mother Divine

[15:59] Q- When a child is rebellious, how can we best support them?

[16:13] The Trap of Being Loving Controllers

[17:44] Be the Best Example for Your Children

[19:25] Clean Up Your Own Backyard First

[20:37] A Great Cruelty

[21:35] I Have to Be an Adult

[23:26] Empathizing With the Youth

[24:30] "I don't trust the way I raised you."

[26:37] From Violent Guerrilla to Inspiring Head of State

[28:45] Let Go of the Loving Controller

[29:39] Be an Inspiration to Your Children

[31:03] Q- How Do We Deal With the Death of a Child?

[31:09] Life and Death is Not the Polarity

[33:17] For How Long is it Relevant for Us to Reside in a Body?

[35:29] This is Not Our First Life

[37:06] What Are the Gifts That Child Brought to Us?

[38:02] All Suffering is Obedient to One Principle

[39:10] Become Masters of Being Adaptive

[40:27] To Cope With Loss, Become a Philosopher

[42:19] Life is Not How Long a Human Body Lasts

[44:08] For Whom Are We Grieving?

[45:54] Bring an End to Your Suffering

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