Design Research 2021 Day 1 - Stephen Cox


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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Moving from Experience Design Research to Product Design Research This presentation follows my journey as I take on a new role in a new organisation that has a super strong product focus. Watch as I stumble through new ideas, challenges and techniques. As I grapple with what it means to move from being an Experience Design Researcher (of 20 odd years) to a shiny new role as Product Design Researcher. This discussion might be already old hat for some of the young product design research folk, but there are bound to be some amusing stuff ups, missteps and anecdotes as I question my whole professional perspective on what good research is for and how it is conducted. Will I be able to successfully navigate the new leaner world of research? Will I forsake my anthropological roots for the lure of data science? Can an old dog really learn new tricks, and if so, what are the things that I have learned that have allowed me to stay in my new role. That is, if I manage to stay in the role! My probationary work period ends just before the conference?! Come along to find out how it all ends.

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