Ep 7 | Alchemical Listening, with Dong-Won Kim


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Today, we are honored to be speaking with musician and professor Dong-Won Kim. Our discussion begins with his formative days, forged from the turmoil of 20th century Korea, onward to his realization of the depth of meaning found at the heart of traditional commoner's music; and entryways to his creative space. We also discuss the chemistry of creation, intention, emptiness, the act of re-booting oneself, and the serendipity found in the flow of time and events. The twists and turns of this uncommon path blazed by Dong-Won Kim leave us with no other way to sum up this inspiring personage than alchemical. Join us on this adventure of transmutation.

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Dong-Won Kim—Links

FILM Intangible Asset Number 82 ( Emma Franz, Dir., 2009). Trailer; Film on-demand ($8.00 USD):

SILKROAD ENSEMBLE (with Yo-Yo Ma) https://www.silkroad.org/about

Bio: "Since 1984, Dong-Won Kim has studied various forms of traditional music, such as farmer’s drumming and dance, and shamanic music. His main instrument is Janggu (aka Jang-go, janggo, changgo, seyogo (slim waist drum), the most representative drum in traditional Korean music), Vocals, Composer. He is a practitioner of Pansori accompaniment, and expositor of music theory inspired by great Korean music masters. By participating in many intercultural projects, he is committed to sharing the profound beauty of traditional Korean culture and music with the world. Kim currently teaches music online as a professor at Wonkwang Digital University. He has also written several fairytales for children and was featured in the documentary film, Intangible Asset Number 82 (2009)." https://www.silkroad.org/artists-dong-won-kim


Performance: Chuncheon Arts Festival (2021) https://youtu.be/NVhu_yqHJhU

Live Performance CD: "Over the Mountain," Dong-Won Kim and James McGowen (2018) https://amzn.to/3BUfFXs Live Performance CD: Trio CaBiKi "Wild Silence" (2016) https://bit.ly/304Kig8 (Jeff Cairns, Jeff Bird, Dong-Won Kim. Mixed by: Jeff Cairns / Richard Gilbert, BigFish Studio, Kumamoto, Japan, mastered by Richard Gilbert)


Facebook: Dong-Won Kim

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