Up Close & Personal with Mark Etheredge & Paul Brown


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Mark Etheredge has once again teamed up with Two-time Grammy® Winning producer and guitarist Paul Brown along with bassist Roberto Vally, drummer Gorden Campbell and percussionist Lenny Castro. The contemporary instrumental jazz track, written by Etheredge, was recorded at Big Surprise Music in Los Angeles, recorded by Carmen Grillo, mixed by Paul Brown, and mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk of Sienna Digital. “You & Me & We” is a duet with Etheredge and Brown, bringing jazz, funk, Latin and blues influences together in an optimistic, upbeat track. Etheredge’s earlier radio single “Connected" ranked No. 6 on Billboard's Smooth Jazz Chart, and subsequent singles “Roger That” and “Resonance” received charting successes as well. Paul Brown Paul Brown’s four-decade journey through the worlds of pop, R&B and jazz is the modern-day musical equivalent. Starting as a drummer, he became an engineer for R&B legends (Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin) before evolving into a two time Grammy winning urban jazz producer (with over 60 #1 radio airplay hits) and finally a popular guitarist, artist and performer in his own right. early 90s when he produced saxophonist Boney James’ breakout debut Trust. He has since worked with many of the genre’s most influential artists, including Carlton, White, Euge Groove, Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, Jeff Golub, Al Jarreau and Jessy J. “Winelight,” the second single from Brown’s sophomore album The City, was ranked by Mediabase as the genre’s most spun track of that year. Radio & Records and Mediabase declared “The Rhythm Method,” the first single from Brown’s third release White Sand, the most played song of 2007. The title track from Jessy J’s Brown-produced debut Tequila Moon earned the same distinction for 2008.

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