Up Close & Personal with 804's Jazz/Gospel/Soul Trumpeter "Bill McGee"


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No matter what your career path is; life happens. Since his first solo CD, "This One's 4U", which was released in 2002, Bill McGee has survived prostate cancer, had nine grandchildren, retired after thirty years as a school administrator and music teacher, released seven different CD's as the owner of the 804 Music Group and has come around full circle as a full time musician and recording artist. He was given his first trumpet lesson in 1963, and says that he's still learning how to play the instrument. Bill recorded for the first time in 1970, in a small studio in College Park, Georgia with his classmates from Morris Brown College who went on to become "Brick" (Dazz). After receiving two gold records and working with stars like the O'Jays, Lou Rawls, Evelyn Champagne King, and The Sugar Hill Gang, still learning how to play is a bit of an understatement. But after a nine year hiatus since the hit CD "Chase the Sunset", Bill wants everybody to know that he is "Still Bill",.... read more at: http://www.804jazz.com/bill_mcgee/

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