The Difference Between Motion And Action—How Are You Spending Your Time? — Ep. 107


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We're having some real talk today. Let's get clear on how you're spending your time when you working on your business. Are you in motion or are you taking action? How will you know? In the results you are/aren't getting in your biz.

In this episode, I'm breaking down the difference between motion and action and how to flip the switch from one to the other so you don't stay stuck in a business that doesn't get results.

"The difference between the motion and the action is in the result." - Shawn Mynar

"Taking action produces a direct result." - Shawn Mynar

"The motion work leads to action. So when you are in motion, it’s with the knowing that it’s to get to that action step." - Shawn Mynar

"Staying stuck in motion is a fear-based ego response. Taking action is when your mission, your passion, your purpose overrides that fear talk." - Shawn Mynar

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1:55 - Quote of the episode

2:56 - One of the biggest hiccups I see for new entrepreneurs

5:20 - Some examples to show for your business

6:36 - Putting the examples in place of action

10:47 Why this happens to new entrepreneurs

14:34 - If you aren’t taking money for your services, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby

20:50 - How are you spending your time?

21:41 - Life update



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