#152 – Brianca Johnson | Marketing is NOT one size fits all


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Episode Notes

Welcome to the Unstuck Institute Podcast!

This week we Launch-Strategist for Solopreneurs, Brianca Johnson about marketing yourself and making the life you want to make!

Brianca is a big sister, launch strategist, and CEO of Brianca Johnson & Co (BJ&Co.). Brianca built her career while working with several local and national organizations where she used her master’s degree in marketing and advertising communications to develop strategies and digital marketing campaigns to connect businesses with the people who need them the most.

In July 2020, Brianca left her position as Digital Director for a national nonprofit organization to go full-time in her business where she helps women entrepreneurs leverage their existing expertise to map, message, and market an offer they love (and that sells!). After just six months, BJ&Co. Generated its first six figures and revenue and Brianca was able to help her top 6 clients generate more than $240,000 in revenue.

Find out more about Brianca at BriancaJohnson.com

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