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Shawn Mynar of shawnmynar.com is your down-to-earth, relatable, and kinda "woo" business coach. She empowers coaches, practitioners, and solopreneurs to build their business from the inside out so they can step into their power and create success on their terms...no hustle, grind, or long hours required. A former nutritionist, Shawn created her own successful, impactful, and simplified online wellness business once she found the perfect combination of mindset + energy work with practical business strategy to create a business that flowed. The moment she found this stress-free success, it sparked something in her—Why weren't people talking about the inner work required for entrepreneurship, financial abundance, and business success?" Every Friday, you’ll get a dose of real-life topics that combine tangible business strategies with the mindset shifts and energy work required to implement them without struggle or overwhelm. These short, no fluff episodes will be exactly what you need to climb out of your current headspace and see your business for what it really is; your chance to create your dreams. It’s time to get unstuck!

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