Unpacking Our 2021 Goals


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How do we set annual goals and what do the goals of two architects look like? Why do we set these goals and how do they help us stay focused throughout the year?

Tim starts this episode off by sharing his insight behind how he comes up with his goals every year. He splits his focus into three different categories that he wants to pursue and develop personally. Through those categories, he develops goals that focus on bigger and long term pursuits. The three categories focus on health – physical and mental, finances, and personal pursuits. He shares specific numbers for financial goals and the reasons behind each one. From saving money in his retirement accounts to earning side income from personal pursuits, Tim dives deep into his goals for 2021.

Mike transitions to his goals for 2021 and his method of setting themes for his goals. He shares the past themes that he set for his annual goals and explains what he learned from pursuing goals under each theme. For 2021, Mike will be setting his goals towards the theme “Simplify”, which was inspired by Marie Forleo’s book, Everything is Figureoutable and how she simplified everything in her life when she realized how many things she was simultaneously pursuing. Mike will be focusing on his health and mental goals, saying no to opportunities so he can work on his personal endeavors, and finishing his book.

Learn more about how Mike and Tim set their goals every year and see what they’re focusing on in 2021 in this episode.

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