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If there was a social app in its infancy where you could start building a community, would you join? That’s exactly what Clubhouse is in 2021.

Tim starts this episode off with a brief introduction to the invite only app that’s currently in beta and only available on iPhones. Tim goes over the overall idea of the app and how it functions so that a new user could quickly understand how to navigate in the app. Mike talks about his initial experiences with the app and asks Tim about his experience as an introvert using an audio based app that focuses on group conversations.

Tim talks about the invite only aspect of Clubhouse where a user has to be invited by someone else who knows them. This creates an atmosphere of professionalism and increases the authenticity of the people. He also shares the ping feature where a user can bring a friend into a room by notifying them. This can work for big in-depth discussions where someone can ping an expert to join a room to talk about the topic at hand.

Mike and Tim discusses the conversations that occur in the app and the way that moderators and others are inviting and interested in hearing from others. It creates a stage and ambiance where people who are introverted, like Tim, feels comfortable joining conversations and making meaningful connections.

They transition the conversation to talking about the future of clubhouse in the social media space and whether it will continue to work in the future. Tim believes that it’s an app centered around creating positive communities filled with knowledgeable discussions and because of the way the app is being built, it will likely be one of the biggest ones in the future. Mike and Tim talk about the benefits of designers and architects getting into the app early while it’s still in beta and starting to build a community of their own now.

Learn more about how designers and architects can benefit through Mike and Tim’s discussion of Clubhouse in this episode.

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