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Join us as we learn SEO keyword secrets for VAs from Rachel Lindteigen - founder of Etched Marketing Academy. She makes SEO easy to understand for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Rachel chats about her messy beginning when first starting out, how she walked away from a high paying offer, and how she transitioned into a niche that she loves.

In today’s episode Rachel explains how to strategize your content for SEO from start to finish. Your goal should always be to rank on page one in a Google search because no one goes to page two. Ranking could mean the difference between adding new customers or pushing them to your higher ranked competitors.

In other words, SEO is vital to business growth and success and as a freelancer Rachels 4 SEO rules will give you the edge you need to help your clients grow their businesses.

Rachel gives us answers to important questions like:

  • Which keywords should you use and will it rank for your market?
  • How often do you use your keywords on your page?
  • Does the search volume for a keyword really matter?

Answers you need for success so you’re not looking for leftovers on page two, three, and four.

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Connect with Rachel:

IG: @etchedmarketingacademy

FB: @etchedmarketingacademy


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