Putting Yourself Out There With Landon Babcock


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Zach aims to pull the alpha out of everyone around him, including his children. Zach’s young son, Landon, joins him today to discuss a few life lessons he’s learned as of late. Landon recently faced his fears and got on stage at his dad’s live event, Alpha Underdog Empowerment. He says that while he was scared, he did it anyway, and it felt great. He’s already looking forward to his chance to do it again.

With big dreams of owning his own golf cart, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, or side by side, Landon has been working on saving his money rather than spending it as soon as he gets it. With almost $200 in the bank, Landon’s dad will match his earnings once he reaches $500. One thing is for sure, after a recent golf cart crash, Landon will be operating whatever he decides to purchase with caution.

Having watched his father work hard to get their dream home, Landon hopes to follow in his dad’s footsteps. He’s ready to work hard to make his dreams come true, and aspires to have his own podcast or YouTube channel someday.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Landon learned from getting up on stage.
  • What Landon is saving up his money to buy.
  • Who Landon’s favorite YouTube stars are.
  • And much more!!

Favorite Quote:

“I’m glad my dad worked hard for this house because he’s a really good dad.” - Landon Babcock

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